Shoulder tension?

Whether it’s tight muscles or restricted range of movement shoulder pain can often progress to neck pain and headaches . Remedial therapy can reduce tension, encourage a greater range of movement and identify areas in need of rehabilitation.

Training hard for that race?

Pre-event remedial therapy assists in preparing the muscles and the body for the big event – helping to prevent injury, reducing muscle tightness and breaking down adhesions. Post-event treatment encourages a thorough detox of the muscles, reduces recovery time and encourages muscle lengthening and flexibility.

Trying to keep your life in balance?

It’s always difficult to maintain that Work – Life balance. Muscles tension, tightness and lack of flexibility can lead to pain, restricted movement and increased stress. Massage therapy can help to keep you on top of the daily stresses that are often placed upon us by others and ourselves!

Aching muscles or lower back pain?

Whether your role in life entails a lot of physical activity or you are more sedentary on a daily basis, both lifestyles can lead to back pain. This can be due to overuse and repetitive strain or lack of movement and flexibility. Remedial therapy can help to address any areas in need of attention and aim to bring you back to a more balanced state.

Just needing time to recover?

Muscles relax through the application of heat and gentle movement. Hot Stones therapy is a highly effective treatment in reducing muscle tension and encouraging relaxation of the body and mind. A therapeutic and relaxing experience giving you space to recover…

Why Head2Heal?

With over 10 years of experience in the massage therapy industry. Head2Heal ...helping you to recover, rebalance and revive!

Operating from Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy in Fife, Head2Heal has been offering massage therapy treatments since 2004.

Everything from Swedish and Hot Stones Massage to Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy.

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